About us

About us

BonVent Europe B.V. is a young company. BonVent Europe B.V. advises, develops and carries out logistics assignments. We take a fresh look at logistics issues and then solve them creatively and innovatively, according to the wishes of the customer. Although BonVent Europe B.V. is a young company, it is formed by two people with a lot of experience in different modes of transport. BonVent is the result of a successful collaboration between two people:

Volker Schlotmann

Doesn’t work, doesn’t exist!
Why inland shipping? Growing up in an inland shipping family, I learned the trade and sailed for years. After that he had several professions ashore, entered politics and was successful there for over 20 years. After my post as minister of ‘Traffic, Energie und Landesentwicklung’ in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, the question arose: ‘Am I going to take it easy at home or am I going to commit myself to something meaningful?’ The decision was made quickly. What could be better than going back to my roots and using my know-how in inland shipping!”

“Freighting, logistics services and consultancy are the challenges that have my full interest and that I take on with great joy and work ethic. Together with friend and partner Frederik Hovestadt, we form a team that complements each other perfectly!”

“Doesn’t work, doesn’t exist”; with this motto we sell our services. Complete solutions for complex challenges are our instruments. Reliability is the pillar of our actions.”

Frederik Hovestadt

Logistics: It remains a beautiful profession.
“Growing up on the water, coming from an old family of skippers, it was only logical that I also ended up in shipping. After my training for Maroff and Kapitein Binnenvaart, I started sailing. The first seven years I was active in shipping The last five years as a barge owner.”

“I want to use the broad knowledge that I have gained in shipping and as an entrepreneur in the future for a higher plan. Together with friend and partner Volker Schlotmann we form a team that has a broad know-how of logistics issues. not too big for simple assignments and feel the challenge with complex issues. With us you get attention and tailor-made solutions!”

Jan Steenstra

Born and raised on and with water, Sailing is in our blood. Generations before me have already roamed the seas and Europe as seafarers and inland skippers.
After gaining experience in both seagoing and inland shipping, I eventually became an inland shipping entrepreneur with my own ship, which I looked for my own work and sailing area on the ‘spot market’. This is how I became familiar with all the possibilities of transport by water deep into Europe.

From this experience I can now advise customers and assist them with their wishes and questions regarding transport by water, because that is where our heart lies. Transport by water is efficient and environmentally friendly. Sometimes, however, other modalities are more suitable or more favorable for our customers, even then we provide a suitable solution for all your wishes based on our knowledge of the logistics world. This is how we live with the slogan; “does not exist, doesn’t exist.

Noelle Aanen

Nothing is Impossible!

I am currently learning the basic knowledge and tricks of the trade as a charterer with great pleasure! An exciting challenge as a service provider for the skippers, which I took on with great enthusiasm.

After various experiences in the hospitality industry and customer service (also abroad), it was time to go home and work on my future. I want to do that with all my enthusiasm at BonVent. Here I can use all the experience and knowledge of my colleagues and lead to mutual success in the interest of everyone. My main task is chartering and I am also active as office manager and contact person for skippers and other partners.

Janneke Loeve

There are a large number of inland shipping kaptain’s in my group of friends, so I became enthusiastically acquainted with the profession. My position at BonVent can be described as an administrative assistant. I do this part-time, next to my study Social Legal Services, to broaden my knowledge and horizon. Can’t wait to start! In this way I relieve my colleagues so they no longer have to deal with administrative tasks. This allows them to fully focus on the chartering and they will pay more attention to you as a customer and have time to think about tailor-made solutions. Because we make the impossible, possible.

Hermen Keurhorst

Challenge and variation, that’s what it’s all about. After a commercial education, I came into contact with shipping. After obtaining my boating license and sailing as a reliever for a while, we owned an inland vessel ourselves for a few years. When our children grew up, we decided to stop and move back to shore. Then gained years of experience in the crane world. Yet shipping remained attractive and when I was able to come and work at BonVent as a charterer, I grabbed it with both hands. Because the best combination of challenge and variation can only be found in shipping!

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